TLC Package

Improvement Detail Time: 6+ hours Price: from € 220 + VAT The TLC PAckage is an economic detail for people who do not look for perfection and want to save money. This service will reduce light swirls, marring and oxidation of the paint produced during the life of the vehicle, achieving a reduction of defects of 50-70%. This is ideal if you do not look for a 100% improvement. Serious swirls and scratches will continue to be seen, they will disguise slightly, but they can not be corrected. You can use this service when you buy a second-hand car, every 1-2 years to have a car again or whenever you want. This detailed consists of an exterior wash by hand, cleaning alloys and wheel arches, decontaminated paint, polished in one step, sealing / waxing paint and tires, chrome cleaning, conditioning of exterior plastics and sealing of the front moon. It can be chosen as an extra coating of nanotechnology, which gives it an excellent shine and a long life.

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