Full Paint Correction-Ceramic Coating

Time: 25+ hours Price: from € 600 + VAT That is the best of the best for your vehicle. - Hand wash with two cubes method. - Dismantling alloys for perfect cleaning. - Cleaning of wheel tracks. - Cleaning of door frames. - Decontaminated paint. - Polishing in multiphase to eliminate 95-99% of swirls leaving the paint in an unpolluted state. - Application of coating in paint - Alloys coating application. - Application of coating on exterior plastics. - Repellent of rain in crystals. - Conditioning of tires. - Cleaning of chromed and exhaust tails. - A long etcetera in details. You can enjoy a painting with better brightness than just released and without flaws. Do not hesitate to hire this service if you want the best of the best for your vehicle.

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