2 step Paint Correction

2 Step Paint Correction: Time: 10+ hours Price: from € 300 + VAT The Simple Correction Detail is designed for vehicles that have received good care, which only has slight defects and medium swirls. The Simple Correction Detailing is also interesting for light colors such as silver or white in which swirls and marring are not much appreciated, or for vehicles that do not need to be perfect. This detailed consists of a two step polishing, a soft cutting step and a finishing step. With this polishing we get to eliminate the fine-medium swirls and the marring, thus obtaining a correction of 80-85%. Once the detailed is finished, it is waxed or sealed, depending on the color, for the best possible protection. You can add a coating of nanotechnology to enjoy even more time of your car in perfect condition and forget future waxes for more than a two years

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